Gazebo WindGuard 4 Pack

The WindGuard was designed from the ground up to stop gazebo liftoff when using portable gazebos at parks or on the beach. These valuable sources of shade can be called Easy Ups, portable shades or sun shelters. No matter what you call them, they all take off at the first sign of a gust of wind. The WindGuard stops your portable canopy from blowing away in the wind, with up to 4 large tent pegs securing each foot to the ground. It works in fields or on the beach and easily withstands wind gusts up to 60 km/h.


Slim foot design that weigh only 500 grams each

Unique Triple locking system

Rugged moulded plastic construction

Angled attachment holes

Bevelled edges for additional strength

Recessed base flush with gazebo feet

Set of 4 in carry bag

Fits all gazebos with up to 25mm leg

Weight2.15 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 8 cm


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