Victorinox Swiss Army Knife – Huntsman

When you hear the words Swiss Army Knife, chances are you think of the legendary Officer’s knife. And that legend continues with the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife – Huntsman pocket knife. With the addition of scissors and a wood saw, you’re ready to cut through just about anything. When it’s time to go offline and off the beaten path, you’ll want the Huntsman in your pocket.

  • Perfect for sawing wood or cutting ropes when climbing, hiking and camping
  • Swiss made pocket knife with 15 functions
  • Includes scissors and a wood saw
  1. large blade.
  2. small blade.
  3. can opener.
  4. screwdriver 3 mm.
  5. bottle opener.
  6. wire stripper.
  7. screwdriver 6 mm.
  8. reamer, punch and sewing awl.
  9. corkscrew.
  10. scissors.
  11. wood saw.
  12. multipurpose hook.
  13. toothpick.
  14. tweezers.
  15. key ring.
  • Height: 21 mm
  • Length: 91 mm
  • Weight: 97 g
  • scale material: ABS / Cellidor
  • Blade lockable: No
  • One hand blade: No


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