Ultimate 4 x 4 Combo Shovel

4×4 Equip designed and developed the original 3 Piece Shovel nearly 10 years ago. Named the Combo Shovel, this unique design takes away the hassle of trying to carry a long handled shovel inside or outside your vehicle. After several design improvements over the years, the release of this latest version is by far the best we have ever made.

A long handled and short handled shovel in one

304 Stainless Steel Joining Sleeves (New Feature)

Multi-core, Single-Moulded stainless steel reinforced PVC long handle

Hardened steel post hole blade

Cushioned “D” handle

Joining Sleeves tighten metal on metal so they mate perfectly together without compromising the handle strength

Perfect for carrying in any vehicle

Includes a heavy duty PVC Storage Bag to protect the inside of your vehicle from dirt and sharp edges

Long Handle Length: 1450mm
D Handle Length: 1010mm
Min Breakdown Length: 810mm
Blade Width: 193mm
Packaged Weight: 3.60kg


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