OZtrail Mould Rid

If your tent or swag is looking and smelling a bit worse for wear after one-too-many rainy camping trips, the OZtrail Mould Rid – 1 Litre is the answer.

This product is formulated to remove mould and mildew from used canvas with ease and will cover approximately 5 square metres per litre. Just shake it well, brush it on, let it dry, wait two hours and it will be ready to rinse off. Then just repeat the process until the mildew is gone.

You’ll be able to have your used canvas gear ready for action again in no time with OZtrail Mould Rid – 1 Litre.


  • Get rid of mould and mildew from used canvas with ease
  • Simply mix and apply to affected areas of your used canvas tent, swag, bags and more
  • Covers approximately 5 square metres per litre

Directions: Shake bottle well. Before applying, test a hidden portion of the item to be treated to ensure product and fabric are compatible. Apply with brush, roller or sponge mop to both sides of fabric. Allow to dry and wait a further 2 hours. Hose off until water is clear. Repeat this process until mildew is removed. When completely dry, restore water proofing with Aqua Proof.

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