OzPig 3 in 1 Flat Pack Fire Pit

OzPig 3 in 1 Flat Pack Fire Pit, designed in Australia, this innovative fire pit features a slot design that ensures quick and easy assembly. Versatile in functionality, it operates in three configurations: traditional low pit, raised pit, and fire ring. Whether for a quick getaway or backyard use, the traditional low pit offers convenience. The raised fire pit elevates the fire base 30cm above the ground. The flat bottom tray provides ample space for coal management, ideal for cooking and grilling. With a 90cm diameter, the fire ring allows gatherings around a contained fire, suitable for camping or backyard use. Ventilation holes enhance airflow, and simplify lighting. A storage bag is included for convenience.


  • Designed in Australia with innovative slot design for easy assembly
  • Operates in three configurations: traditional low pit, raised pit, and fire ring
  • Versatile functionality for quick getaways, backyard use, camping, and more
  • Raised fire pit elevates base 30cm above ground, complying with campsite regulations
  • Flat bottom tray facilitates coal management, perfect for cooking and grilling
  • 90cm diameter fire ring fosters gatherings around a well-contained fire
  • Ventilation holes maximize airflow, minimize smoke, and simplify lighting
  • Accommodates standard pre-packaged logs
  • Includes storage bag for portability and organization


  • Pack size: 503L x 304W x 55H mm
  • Low pit dimensions: 504L x 475W x 320H mm
  • Raised pit dimensions: 510L x 460W x 555H mm
  • Fire ring dimensions: 900 (point to point) hexagon x 295H mm
  • Rack dimensions: 510L x 460W x 295H mm
  • Weight: 23kg
  • Material: Heavy-duty powder-coated 3mm steel

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