Outdoor Connection Galaxy Family Tent

The Galaxy three room family tent that is the most spacious family tent available offering all the best in manufacture and design to ensure your family holiday is as good as you wish for.

Spacious 305(W) x 720(L) x 215 (H) cms.

Side walls are very straight and high giving plenty of ‘walk-around’ space inside the tent with lots of headroom. Large awnings complement the feeling of cool comfort on your family holiday

The CHOICE tent comparison of September 2011 awarded the Outdoor Connection Weekender Tent the highest score in the “What to Buy” results. The Galaxy shares the same design and fabric qualities as the Weekender as well as the ‘easy to erect’ Hybrid Square pole system. This pole structure provides strength and stability, creating excellent headroom and internal space while being simple and quick to erect.


  • Each end bedroom is  305 (W) x 240(L) cms with straight walls that do not taper at the ends. This maximises internal space providing lots of ‘walk-around’ headroom not found in any other brand of tent.  Each end bedroom has large Side Windows providing cross-flow ventilation for fully screened coolness and comfort. A large Omega screen door at each end of the tent rounds off your all-around comfort.
  • The middle room is also a full 305(W) x 240 (L) and can be used as a storage/living area or as a bedroom. Each end bedroom has large Side Windows, with a screen from floor to eave, providing cross-flow ventilation for fully screened coolness and comfort. A large Omega screen door at each end of the tent rounds off your all-around comfort.
  • Sewn-in Dividing Walls with an Omega door separate each room. The Omega Door mesh and privacy screens can be tucked away neatly in a side pocket.


  • 100D HiCount fabric Outer Fly. This fabric is much heavier and stronger than any other dome tent fabric. See Tent Waterhead and Fabric Weight Comparisons
  • Waterproofing with a MINIMUM 3000 mm Waterhead (actually measured at 3000mm) so you stay dry even in the most severe and persistent wet weather.
  • UV-PROTEK treatment of the outer fly fabric guarantees maximum resistance to fabric degradation from the damaging effects of UV light offering longer life to your camping home.
  • Durafine No-see-um Mesh is featured for all windows and doors to keep the midges and mosquitoes out.


  • Inner tent is breathable polyester for extra comfort and minimizing condensation inside the tent. The Inner tent has its own zippered privacy panel and mesh screening to match that on the outer fly. So that, while you have great ventilation, the tent can also be closed up from the inside if the night turns cool.
  • Remember a family of four may produce more than half a litre of condensation in a night so ventilation and breathability of the inner tent is important
  • Privacy Screens zip from the floor upwards on the full-length side windows so that you can control the air flow into the tent.
  • Large Omega doors, with both privacy panel and insect screen, are at each end of the tent as well as in the dividing walls between the bedrooms. These doors can be fully unzipped and tucked away in a storage pocket at the side. Very neat and compact! The Omega door can also be zipped partly up from the bottom to control air flow.
  • Durafine mesh and privacy screens on all doors and windows.
  • All doors and windows can be closed from inside the tent
  • Large awnings are formed by side the doors on each side of the tent which can be poled out and used as individual awnings or zipped together to form one long continuous awning along each side.
  • Three Pole Awnings are formed by poling out the two end doors. Outdoor Connection’s three pole awning forms a pitched structure so the awnings can be left up in the rain.
  • Optional Side Walls are available for these three pole awnings. Side walls can be attached to either or both sides of the awning and be poled out to form a great extra large awning in fine weather or pegged down for extra protection under the tent awning in wet or breezy weather.


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