Outdoor Connection Heavy Duty Tarpaulins

The Outdoor Connection Heavy Duty Tarpaulins are excellent quality, strength and longevity.

The attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process and the quality control procedures ensures a superior quality product. Outdoor Connection tarps are technically superior in their materials and construction. The HDPE (high density polyethylene) base cloth and LDPE (low density polyethylene) lamination have had the highest grade UV stabilising agents added to give you a more UV resistant tarp.

The 1000 denier base cloth is heavier and stronger than other tarps available. Welded stainless steel D rings and reinforced patches are also used for the very strong attachment points. Due to its quality and construction an Outdoor Connection Durarig HD Tarp will give long lasting shade and weather protection.

Tarp Sizes and Weight
Cut SizeFinished SizeWeight
6’x8′1.73m x 2.27m0.96 kgs
8’x10′2.29m x 2.88m1.6 kgs
8’x16′2.29m x 4.68m2.56 kgs
9’x18′2.59m x 5.28m3.24 kgs
8’x12′2.29m x 3.48m1.92 kgs
10’x12′2.90m x 3.48m2.4 kgs
12’x12′3.51m x 3.58m2.88 kgs
12’x14′3.51m x 4.08m3.36 kgs
12’x16′3.51m x 4.68m3.84 kgs
12’x18′3.51m x 5.28m4.32 kgs
12’x20′3.51m x 5.88m4.8 kgs
12’x24′3.51m x 7.08m5.76 kgs
14’x16′4.06m x 4.68m4.48 kgs
14’x20′4.06m x 5.88m5.6 kgs
16’x18′4.67m x 5.28m5.76 kgs
16’x20′4.67m x 5.88m6.4 kgs
16’x24′4.67m x 7.08m7.68 kgs
18’x24′5.28m x 7.08m8.64 kgs
20’x20′6m x 5.8m8 kgs
20’x24′5.84m x 7.08m9.6 kgs
24’x24′7.2m x 7m11.52 kgs
24’x30′7.2m x 8.88m14.4 kgs
20’x30′5.84m x 8.88m12 kgs
30’x30′8.84m x 8.84m18 kgs
30’x36′8.84m x 10.67m21.6 kgs
36’x36′10.65m x 10.57m25.92 kgs


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