Lets Go Cards – Camping Edition

Let’s Go Camping is the first edition to Let’s Go Cards.

Featuring all your favourite furry Aussie creatures this deck of cards includes:

  • A super sturdy box (It wont tear and require you to place your cards in a sweaty snap lock bag or binding your cards with a sticky rubber band.) We’ve got your goods covered in a robust two way sleeve and tray for easy access and sound storage.
  • A nifty little sticker to put on your car to remind you to go camping.
  • Acknowledgement of Country card to read before the games begin.
  • 52 deck, featuring the raddest characters from across the land gracing the face of the cards in your competitive hand!
  • A set of brain tickling instructions introducing all the mad characters to six giggling card games:
  • Let’s Go
  • Rhyme in Time
  • Go Get It
  • Memory
  • Go Fish
  • Snap

Product Dimensions: H40mm x W75mm x L100mm
Weight: 148g


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