HydraCell Shark Waterproof Light

The HydraCell™ Shark Waterproof Light is a rugged and powerful LED portable flashlight powered by two proprietary HydraCell HC2D water activated battery fuel cells.

Bright, long-life LEDs and a special reflector provide a powerful focused beam for applications needing robust hand-held lighting. The Shark Light is perfect for many applications as an emergency torch/flashlight in your home, on your travels and in your survival kit. Easily activated by dipping in sea water, if required. The Shark Waterproof Light is designed to be stored indefinitely and when required simply Rip open the vacuum seal, Dip the whole product in water for fifteen seconds and Shine by switching the light on for hours of functional light, up to 300 m.

The Shark Light is waterproof, floats in water, and has a built in emergency flashing / strobe function.

What’s Included:

Shark Light

2 x HydraCell HC2D battery fuel cells

Power Source:  2 x HydraCell HC2D battery fuel cells

Light Type:  2 x XPGBWT-L1-0000-00LE2 (CRE) LEDs

Run Time: 200+ hours run time per set of HC2D cells (*) (**)

Dimensions: 209 length x 132 width (mm)

Package Dimension: 114 length x 224 height x 146 width (mm)

Weight:  400g

Lumens: 700

Beam Distance: 300 m

Drop Rating: 1 m

Waterproof: IP65 rating


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