HydraCell Cube Lantern Combo Pack

HydraCell is a water-activated oxygen fuel cell that offers longevity of shelf life, extended usage times, lower operational costs, and operates (and is disposed of) without toxic emissions.

The HydraCell™ Cube Lantern provides indoor and outdoor light via the lantern function, the Accessory Light, and other ancillary lighting products.

It can charge mobile phones and power devices in off grid locations or in emergencies such a power outages.

The Cube Lantern has a standard USB out port for charging and a 2.6 mm DC out port for powering a variety of small devices including the Accessory Light.

The oxygen fuel cell generates power using two easily replaced anode plates.

What’s included:

HydraCell Cube Lantern (with one set of replacement anode plates)

HydraCell Accessory Light

4 metre cable

Run Time:

Phone charges per set of plates: 6 to 8 (size of phone battery dependent)

Light per set of plates: 50 hours light (high mode) / 100 hours (low mode)

Light per HydraCell Cube Cell: 900 hours light (high mode) / 1,800 hours (low mode)


Lantern: 238 x 95.5 x 94mm, Accessory Light: 84 x 84 x 36mm

Package Dimensions: 245 x 140 x 97mm

Weight: Lantern: 580, Accessory Light: 150




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