HydraCell Aqua Pro Flashlight

The HYDRACELL Aqua Pro Aluminium Flashlight is a high power aluminium LED flashlight powered by a proprietary HYDRACELL HC2D water activated battery fuel cell.
HYDRACELL battery fuel cells last up to 20 times longer than leading alkaline disposal batteries. Biodegradable and recyclable HYDRACELL’s battery fuel cells are a better choice for a smarter, cleaner and more sustainable future.

A bright, long-life Cree LED provides focused light wherever a dependable high-power flashlight is needed. A focal head provides both area light and a focused beam.
The Aqua Pro is perfect for everyday use and emergency situations.

Store at home, in your shelter, in your vehicle or boat and simply activate the HYDRACELL in water.


DEVICE: Aqua Pro Flashlight / Torch
POWER SOURCE: 1 x HYDRACELL battery fuel cell
LIGHT TYPE: 1 x XPGBWT-L1-0000-00LE (Cree) LEDs
RUN TIME: 250+ hours run time per cell (*) (**)
DIMENSIONS: (mm) 270 length x 70 diameter
PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: (mm) 286 height x 108 width x 64 depth
WEIGHT: (g) 345
EXTRAS: Anodized aluminium casing, Rubberized power button
IP65 rating

(*) With periodic re-hydration, depending on load & usage.
(**) Estimated performance data based on laboratory testing under 250 milliwatt load.


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