Gasmate Ducted Camping Heater

Maximum air temperature achieved from the appliance is +58 Degrees +/- 2 degrees with an ambient temperature up to +15 degrees.  This temperature is measured at the outlet of the heater and not at the end of the flexible ducting tube. Heated air will start to flow from the ducting within the 2 to 3 minutes of operation
Once the maximum outlet temperature is reached the burner will extinguish and the fan will continue to function, the unit must then be allowed to stabilise before being restarted for further operation.


Ignition: Push button electronic ignition

Built-in Storage:  Built-in storage compartment for ducting pipe, regulator and charging cord

Rechargeable Lithium battery with 240V and 12V power cords for charging

Battery Operated Fan:  Up to 5 hours of battery life when fully charged

Oxygen Depletion System: Enhanced safety device which senses oxygen levels and switches off the entire unit when at a low level

Safety Tip Over Switch: Gas supply stops if unit is accidentally knocked over

Flame failure safety system: If flame goes out, gas shuts off

Fully portable Compact design: Includes carry bag

Weight: only 8.6Kg

Ready to use: Operates on Propane gas canister or cylinder with optional hose (sold separately)

Gas certified Gas: Certified to Australian and New Zealand Standards




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