Ezywash Rotary Washing Machine

The Companion Ezywash Rotary Washing Machine is ideal for when camping without electricity or when your usual laundry services are not available. Also great for washing delicates such as woollens, silks, knitted and cashmere garments.

The task of washing when travelling and camping is now made easy with the Ezywash Rotary Washing Machine. Featuring a wash capacity of 2.2 kg with a wash action which ensures that the dirtiest wash loads are cleaned easily. Once finished the tub is then emptied through the integrated drain tube fitted to the unit.


  • Hand operated design, Portable, fast, efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Sturdy, weather resistant, and rust-proof – Made from durable and strong ABS plastic
  • Uses far less water than hand washing
  • Easy to use crank handle operation
  • Easily washes a 2.2 kg load in minutes
  • Requires no electricity, powered by hand – Perfect for Freedom Camping
  • Compact -use anywhere, anytime. Easy to store

Water use guide: 1.5 litres for the smallest load (0.05kg) to 5.5 litres for the largest (2.0kg) load.
Detergent use guide: 1 tablespoon for the smallest (0.05kg) load to 4 tablespoons for the largest (2.0kg) load.


Load capacity: 2.2 kg
Size: 325 L x 325 W x 420 H mm
Bowl size: 33 H x 28 cm in diameter approx
Weight: 2.5 kg

Please Note: In store pick up only


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