Emergency Space Blanket – Gold

The Emergency Blanket – Gold is a genuine Nasa spin-off product directly related to the external insulation products actually used on all space missions. From the early days of Pegasus balloon launch satellites, through the Saturn Rocket programs of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo, and also the Space Shuttle, MPI has supplied NASA a “like material” as the primary reflective insulation. This material has been a vital component in protecting the astronauts from solar radiation and to shield the sensitive equipment from the extreme temperature ranges found in outer space.

In earth’s atmosphere the Space Blanket has provided many millions of users worldwide, the comfort, warmth, security and safety of personally thermal reflectance against the cold or in the aftermath of a natural disaster to prevent post-trauma shock.

Since its original development in 1964 for NASA, the Space Blanket has been Made in America by vacuum depositing a very precise amount of pure aluminium vapor onto a very think but durable film substrate. This technical process forms a perfect reflective barrier that captures and helps to retain and focus over 80% of a person radiated body heat.

In use around the globe by militaries, medical personnel, disaster preparedness and relief agencies, search and rescue groups, and by many countless outdoor enthusiasts, the Space Blanket has truly brought NASA Space Technology down to Earth.


Size: 142 x 213 cm (56″ x 86″)
Weight: 85g (3 Oz)
Made in USA


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