Elemental Magnesium Fire Starter

This Elemental Magnesium Fire Starter is a must-have for every outdoor excursion. It provides a reliable and convenient source of fire in case of emergency, making it an essential tool for any camping or survival kit. Magnesium burns at 2980oC and will even ignite damp tinder, not affected by water and can be used in all climates and weather conditions. The Magnesium Fire Starter is both compact and lightweight and will start 100’s of fires.


  • Impervious to the elements or oxidation, the magnesium block creates a flame source of 2982˚C, making it even possible to light damp tinder.
  • The magnesium block will start hundreds of fires, making it a reliable and long-lasting source of fire for all your outdoor adventures.


  • Material: Magnesium


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