Coleman RoadTrip 285 Three Burner Grill

The portable Coleman RoadTrip™ 285 Stand-Up Grill features sturdy quick-fold legs and 2 wheels for hassle-free setup, take down, and transport so that taking your grill on a camping trip is effortless. Push the Instastart™ ignition button for matchless lighting, then select your heat with the enhanced temperature control of 3 independently adjustable burners (outer left, inner, outer right).

With grilling power from 3,250 to 20,000 BTUs and variable EvenTemp burner technology this grill provides a wide temperature range, perfect for slow or fast cooking options.

Easy clean drip pan and removeable water pan, reduce flare-ups and catches grease, while the 285 square inch cast iron grill grates, provides enough room to perfectly cook meats, seafood, or veggies every time.

If you’re looking for more meal options, the Swaptop™ interchangeable cooktops let you switch the grill grates with a griddle or stove grate (both sold separately). With two sliding side tables to keep utensils and sauces handy.

Cooking with this grill is just as convenient as traveling with it. When you’re ready to pack it away, the RoadTrip™ 285 Portable Stand-Up Grill can be stored upright (to fit in tight spaces) until your next cookout.


Up to 20,000 BTUs of grilling power and 285 sq. in. of cooking area

3 independently adjustable burners for enhanced temperature control

Easy clean drip pan and removable water pan, reduces flare-ups, and catches grease.

2 durable side tables for resting utensils and sauces

Built in thermometer for accurate temperature monitoring

Instastart™ ignition for push-button, matchless lighting

Locking lid for secure transport

Uses Coleman LPG Propane Gas

Variable Even Temp burner technology providing wide temperature range

Compact storage and easy to transport

Come with innovative integrated collapsible, wheeled stand making it simple to set up and pack down


3 Burners

BTU Range: 3,250 to 20,000

Cooking Surface: Grill / Griddle with swap top compatibility

Fuel operated: compatible with Coleman Lightweight LPG (hose included)

Packdown Size: 98x51x33.5CM

Weight: 21.17KG

Warranty: 3 years

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