Coleman Hyperflame Fyrecadet

With the latest technology the Coleman Hyperflame FyreCadet camping stoves have revolutionized camp cooking with a new burner design and Wind Block pot support that opens up space for larger pots.Versatile cooking and easy cleaning thanks to removable pan supports and the Coleman Swap Top system that enables a combination of cooking surfaces to be used on the stove at the same time.

The Coleman Hyperflame Fyrecadet features:
  • Wind Block technology provide 360 degree wind protection and also fits larger pans
  • Downward stair stepping burner design reduces the flames exposure to the wind while cooking.
  • Uniform holes through out the top of the burner heater a larger surface area
  • Removable pan support and aluminised cooktop for easy cleaning
  • Larger diameter burner provide wider heat distribution
  • Secure lid latch system will keep the lid closed while in transport.
  • Fully adjustable independent burner controls
  • Heavy duty 3 piece pivoting handle
  • Non-skid feet
  • Finally, includes hose – 3/8 fitting
Weight7 kg


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