Clean Oxide Water Treatment Tablets

The superior water sanitisation solution – ideal for caravan and camper tanks.

Each 4 gram tablet treats 100 to 400 litres of water.

Water tanks in caravans and campers need to be treated regularly to ensure there is no harmful build-up of micro-organisms and biofilm. The fact that caravans are often not used for prolonged periods of time makes it even more crucial to keep the water safe for cooking and consumption.

Organic material in water tanks can be harmful to your health and negatively affects the taste and odour of water. The build-up of biofilm in pipes can also cause problems in the flow-rate and longevity of your system.

CleanOxide®, which is Chlorine Dioxide, is the most effective product on the market to clean water tanks and

Each Chlorine Dioxide tablet treats 100-400 litres of water.

A maintenance dose should be added to the water every 3 months for best results.

One pack of 4 gram CleanOxide Tablets contains 8 Tablets.

100% biodegradable

*After opening, best used within 12 months.


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