Campfire 8L Cast Iron Potjie Pot

The Potjie pot (Poy-kee pot) is a multi-use camp oven great for cooking a variety of foods including meat dishes or larger pieces of meat, vegetables and rice. The rounded shape helps to collect liquid in the bottom of the pot, requiring only a small amount of liquids to be added. The potjie pot can be used by placing the pot over hot coals, either on an open fire or on top of a grill.



Pre-seasoned and ready to use
Built-in cast iron legs to position in the fire coals
Heavy duty base and walls provide even heat distribution
Comfortable steel spiral carry handle
Wooden storage box with rope carry handles


Dimensions: Ø270 x 330H (mm)
Weight: 10.2kg

Warning: Product pre-seasoned with vegetable oil which may contain traces of nuts

Please Note: In store pick up only

Weight14 kg
Dimensions37 × 37 × 38 cm


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