3/8 SAE Braided Stainless Steel Bayonet Hose

The 3/8″ SAE Bayonet Hose allows you to connect your 3/8″ low pressure gas appliances to your caravan, camper trailer or motorhome’s bayonet outlet.

This hose will connect all low pressure BBQ’s that have a 3/8″ fitting and will also connect the Weber range of BBQ’s  including the Q and Baby Q. The bayonet hose will give you option to move your gas BBQ’s away from your caravan awning or annex and will keep the fat spray away from your walls.

This hose is also suitable for other low pressure gas appliances such as heaters and showers that have a 3/8″ male inlet fitting.

Please Note: Image for display purposes only actual hose fittings my differ in colour and shape but size still remains 3/8 SAE.



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