Price Guarantee  
Before you Buy:

We pride ourselves in having the lowest prices on the Gold Coast. If you do happen to see the same product advertised by any local competitor at a lower price, prior to purchasing from us, we will beat that price to maintain our 30 day - 110% price guarantee policy.

After you Buy:

After your purchase, Camping Plus give you an exclusive 30 Day Price Guarantee. Should you discover a lower advertised price for the same product by any local competitor´s retail store, simply bring in the competitor´s ad, plus your Camping Plus sales receipt within 30 days of purchase.

We will cheerfully refund the difference plus another 10% of the difference! You're guaranteed the lowest price from Camping Plus.

*Advertised items must be factory-sealed new product and available at the time of claim. Demo models, factory seconds, sale items, discontinued merchandise, and floor samples not included. Items must be advertised, and verifiable in a local or national paper, magazine, or catalog by an authorized dealer.

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